Saturday, 31 May 2014

All Analogue

I love all things analogue

There is something raw and truthful about its imperfections. I do a little bit of analogue photography myself. Film is actually surprisingly easy to find if you do your homework. is a very helpful website. Take your analogue partner to the streets and point it at anything you see, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Autumn/Winter essentials

These clothing items are my personal favorites to keep warm this winter, because they are versatile and can be styled to create many different looks.

The leather jacket:
You can go biker, rocker, indie or boho if you add a fringe bag.

Fluffly fur, be kind to animals:
A fur waist coat or gilet works great for "in between" season layering.

Chunky scarf:
Speaks for it's self!

Oversize sweater or knit:
A very flexible item in your closet. You can dress it up or casual and go from one look to another easily with different clothing combinations. For example, this look can be transformed from bohemian to sports lux, if  you change the frayed layer for a brightly coloured T-shirt and changed the shoes for cross trainers.

Maxi dress or skirt:
Also great for a layered look. Play with different textures

Ankle boots:
These days there are unlimited styles to choose from, you can have your pic from sophisticated styles to punk or biker boots. Sometimes it adds dimension to the overall look when you clash styles, for example combine biker boots with a soft flowing chiffon dress.